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Being a Golf Daddy is every shot flying true to your vision

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Turning golfers into pure-shot machines

In our college dorm room we realised there had to be a better way to practice golf

We were obsessed with hitting pure & long shots that went exactly where we imagined. And that led us to invent the Divot Daddy.

The perfect way to practice golf at home. Through instant feedback - we’ve transformed over 42,189 Golfers into pure-shot machines, or as we call it, Golf Daddy’s.


60 day handicap guarrantee, lower scores, or your money back.

A training aid that covers the core skill in golf

Affordable and designed to practice at home

Bringing golf home

Our Product Mission


Our mission is to make Golf Daddy's hit pure shots every time. Golf is all about contact. We made it simple to perfect that. Focus on what matters, practice whenever and wherever

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Here's what golfers have to say

Awesome product to have for dorm life

I’m took broke to buy a track but wanted some kind of training aid that would let me take full swings and analyze where my ball would’ve gone. I then stumbled upon this while scrolling through TikTok and I’ve been hooked to it ever since. I’m thinking about upgrading to the DivotDaddyPRO pretty to test out the difference too.

Adam Walker

Good quality mat

I love this mat and I use it almost every day. It is very good quality, it lies flat and the markings are great for practice.

Chris Harris

My Kids love it!

My kids are always nagging me to go the range and hit balls, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. I bough two of the Divot Daddy Standards for them and I haven’t been nagged since!

Laura Cooper

Great for indoor training

I’ve been using this thing for a just over a week now and I gotta say it’s a pretty cool little training aid. I pretty much only use it indoors just because the weather recently hasn’t been to great. The bits of velcro that come with it keep the whole thing nice and fixed on my carpet which is definitely a plus.

Jake Nelson

Instant Feedback !!!

Absolutely as advertised, you will receive instant feedback and make immediate adjustments to your swing. Definitely a must for the golfer who is struggling with ball striking. I’ve noticed a big difference since I began using this tool a few weeks ago!

Walter Weldon

Started by Golfers who were tired of whiffing shots

It started in our college dorm room after a historic terrible round of golf. We couldn’t justify going to the range or lessons anymore as they were not that effective, but we knew there was a better way for golfers to improve.

That evening we got scrappy and began pondering how anybody could turn small spaces in their homes, into golf training facilities

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